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Modern Pascal CodeRunner Samples

Modern Pascal is a hybrid of the Object Pascal language, with some extensions found in Free Pascal and Delphi. Our primary focus was to expand the boundaries to allow Pascal programmers to leverage existing C source code with minimal code changes. Of course, different C compilers and developers can use syntax which is extremely proprietary, for example, the over-usage of C compiler's support for macros. CodeRunner introduces a global object called Session, which is your bridge to the communications layer for the current connection. These examples assume you understand how to telnet to your CodeRunner service.

Lesson Description
 First Program  Your first program - display Hello World on Terminal.
 If Then  Did the user press the ENTER key?
 If Then Else  What to do if the user did not press ENTER?
 If Then Else If  If Y or y then, else If N or n was pressed.
 If Then Else If Else  If Y or y then, else If N or n, else not what I asked for was pressed.
 Adding Code Blocks  Adding Begin and End to the last lesson, to do more than one instruction.

Lesson Description
 Case  Use Case instead of multiple "if" statements.
 For In  Iterate through the elements of any type
 For  Demonstrate how to implement FOR loops
 Integers  Demonstrate all of the different integer types
 Strings  Demonstrate many of the string types
 Shortint  -128